Saturday, December 29, 2007

new superman/batman movie???green lantern teen titans movie

I saw this symbol in the i am legend movie in a scene where it shows a devasted times square-this symbol appears in a marque of a movie theater-the movie was playing there before the plague nearly wiped out humanity. This guy saw as well:

"I saw an early sneak of I am Legend with will SMith and there is apart in the movie where he is in an empty times square and in the background theres a billboard with a movie poster with the batman symbol and on the symbol is also a superman symbol and at the bottom it says something like 5-15-11. Possible Batman vs. Superman movie or a tease? Does this mean a possible release date? "

and this guy in response to above post:

"Yeah, I have seen the movie twice and I believe the correct date was 5-15-10. Could that be for real though? Batman movie due out this summer of 07, Superman Returns 2 possibly summer of 08. It would make sense for a 2010 release. Thatd be awesome! "

i missed this scene in the i am legend movie:

In the scene in Times Square, there is a billboard for the fictional "Superman/Batman" movie, slated to open 5/15/10. Additionally, in the video store, there are movie posters for "Green Lantern" and "Teen Titans". All of these properties are from DC Comics, which is owned by Warner Brothers, the studio producing the movie, and either are or at one time potential upcoming releases.

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