Saturday, November 18, 2006

us as the prodigal son some qiick thoughts

as i read the parable of the prodigal son in luke 15:11-32 i reflected how it is true of us in our relationship with sin. meaning sin tempts us to demand from God His blessings or what WE think as blessings now or else.(taking a good thing from God or somethig God has forbid us because it is sin) and we seize it not as his child but as rebels or we deluded ourselves to think we are god...and sin in the long run gives us our wages our rewards and we like the prodigal son found ourselves mired,living in mud and eating garbage fit only for pigs...

I am back after a time of reflection and sadness concerning the presbyterian church in america and their failure to reach or in most cases to reach the old hispanic minorities like puerto ricans and domincians. When i spoke about pca and their lack of reaching out to hispanics i spoke as someone from the inside and not someone from the outside acting on hearsay,presumption,lies and gossip. And when i spoke i always held back not to air out dirty linens---and the reason is not to provide ammunition,show or stumbling blocks to the church and to those seeking God or to young babes in christ--so now i will take it to the next level which i should've done in the first place and stop pouring my heart over pca and its failures and sins againest hispanics and leave it all in God's hands who is all-wise,holy,sovereign,love,mercy,just etc

sola deo gloria