Wednesday, January 23, 2008

earthly toys/terrenales juguetes

Earthly toys(Henry Law)"How long will you love what is worthless?" Psalm 4:2

The hearts of the wicked delight in this world's empty baubles. They greedily pursue a mocking shadow. What folly can be worse!When things are seen as they really are, earthly toys are worse than empty bubbles.What will all the earth, and all the earth'streasures, and all the earth's pleasures profit—if our souls are not saved!

"How long will you love what is worthless?" Psalm 4:2

2Hijos de hombres, ¿hasta cuándo cambiaréis mi honra en deshonra? ¿Hasta cuándo amaréis la vanidad y buscaréis la mentira? (Selah) Salmos 4:2

Los corazones de los impíos alegría en este mundo de bolas de vacío. Ellos greedily aplicar una
sombra burlona. ¿Qué puede ser peor locura! Cuando las cosas se ven como realmente son,terrenales juguetes son peores que bubbles.Que se vacía toda la tierra, y todos los , y toda la tierra de Lo tesoros de la Tierraos placeres de beneficio-si nuestras almas no se salva!

2Hijos de hombres, ¿hasta cuándo cambiaréis mi honra en deshonra? ¿Hasta cuándo amaréis la vanidad y buscaréis la mentira? (Selah) Salmos 4:2

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

reformed baptist pastor moves church to cemetry

I went to his church in the heart of hoboken new jersey a couple of times. He is a solidly reformed fellow puerto rican who graduated from trinity ministerial academy in montville,new jersey under the great albert martin--yet how in the world was he thinking when he moved his church from the heart of hobeken city to the suburbs far from public transportation for the poor people of his church who do not have cars to get to-to place it in the boondocks whose nearest neighbors are laying sleep in a cemetery??? who is he going to reach???

Keith green

me,donald duck,botox and miachel jackson

This sunday i was not able to go to church because i had a allergic reaction to something that caused my upper lip to swell so:

1.that i looked like donald duck

2. i had a lip that woman would want who spent big bucks on botox.

3. i had to cover my mouth with a scarf like miachel jackson as i went to the emergency room.

i can laugh about it but i was scared,worried and concerned because our health insurance is worth less than the ink and paper it is printed on-and it is only my wife working-and i did not further want to add to the fiancial burden as we struggle here in nyc.

and i thank God that he healed me thru the doctors that attended me.

so i ask for prayer for these things:

1. contuined healing

2.grace for my wife

3. i am blessed with a job.

Este Domingo i no fue capaz de ir a la iglesia i porque tenía una reacción alérgica a algo que causó mi hinchazón en el labio superior son los siguientes:

1.that i parecía pato donald

2. I tiene un labio mujer que se quiere que pasó gran dólares en botox.

3. I tuvo que cubrir mi boca con una bufanda como miachel jackson como i se fue a la sala de emergencias. Puedo reír al respecto, pero me quedé asustada, preocupada y preocupado porque nuestro seguro de salud es un valor de menos de la tinta y el papel en que está impresa en-y es sólo mi esposa y trabajo-no me quiere más que añadir a la carga fiancial En nuestra lucha aquí en nyc. I y gracias a Dios que me sanó a través de los médicos que asistieron a mí. Así que la oración para pedir estas cosas:

1. Contuined curación

2.gracia para mi esposa

3. I estoy bendecido con un trabajo.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

blog will start up regularly next week

Sorry i have not posted recently-i have been taking care of my son who has the flu,looking for a job etc But i will restart next week!!!

Thank you,


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Death of dvd?

are dvd's going the way of betamax,vcrs and dinosaurs??? If not soon-it will definitely happen....