Friday, July 21, 2006

bibliodaltry and me

I remember one of my sunday school teachers accused me of being a bibliodaltrer(He was Liberal)-i told my former sunday school teacher and he told me some sound biblical advice:

a idol directs you away from God and to it

the bible directs you to God and away from it

children and child predators

Here in New York there is a helpful web site-that informs you of convicted sexual predators who live in your neighborhood.

Here is the Link:

Sadly i found out there are 50 listed sex offenders and most are level 2 and level 3 criminals-meaning they are likely to commit this perversion again. It seems also in one apt building a couple blocks away is a nest of these vipers having 5 living there. Now that i am aware there are certain areas i allow my son to go with me and his father and where to avoid and where to be on alert.

Remember childeren are a blessing,gift,stewardship and heritage from the Lord-so as parents,friends,relatives and child care givers we must treat them as such.

Ps 127:4,5 ps 128:3 prov 17:6

and if you are from another country and state please check your local law enforcement agencies to get info on sex predators in your area.

new christain links to enjoy

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

diabetes and instant healing

I was surfing the channel recently and a morris cerulo program caught my eye-not because he was fundraising for his prayerline but because of a testimony from one of the callers. He said that he had faith that God had healed him of his diabetes. This is not because God can not heal today but i was hoping he had not just stopped cold turkey:stop taking their meds ,proper diet ,excersise and daily monitoring of thier sugars-but they had confirmed this healing not by fickle feeling but thru God's instruments of healing-his primary physician. If God did let us praise Him if He did not let us be like paul and bear our particular thorn of the flesh,rest securly in His sufficent grce and through our ouselves into His word,worship,prayer and fellowhip at our local church....

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

universal church and the bible

Here is a quick thought about the church and the bible:

The church did never create or give authority to the Bible. BUT the Bible Christ used to create ,gather and give the church its authority.

The church recognized the Bible as God's final word to man and did not add(or subtract because certain inspired books crippled or curtailed their power)to His final word then and today. Rather the church added those books and writings that pointed to christ(written by a apostle,written by someone close to a apostle or was in harmony with their inspired teaching)from those that pointed away from Christ and rather served,glorified,promoted the self deification of man his sins,speculations and rebellion againest God.

The church did not create the Bible for power,control,wealth and enslavement But the church recognized by Holy Spirit's guidance the word of God from the counterfeit words of man.

And rather when the church does seek power,wealth,fame and peddles man's word and superstitiopns wrapped in a thin facade of God's word-that is a red flag that the church has wandered away from God's word usurped,plundered ,overthrew and stole it from our rightful king:Jesus Christ and His royal law: the bible.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

what are we doing in the name of Christ?

check this link out:

Everything goes for a christain,ministry and church when God's word as a anchor and as a founndation as a compass is missing,replace or distorted...

Is there a christain version of star wars "the force"

The answer is more than NO-the no is the starting point that should lead you to the root source which is: What does the Word of GOD declares?

Monday, July 10, 2006

united parcel service and theology

Recently my wife ordered a replacement cell phone from her cell phone company who shipped it ups. Well,the intercom in our building is broken and has been broken for many months(thats another story) so i know the regular time ups comes to our building so i waited in the lobby the FIRST DAY i tracked the package on our home computer which gave us the delivery date. So wheelchair and all i waited in front of the building with the broken intercom right next to me where the ups man would come and press to be buzzed in. The ups man passed the building with no packages at the usual time. Iwent back upstairs said maybe they will come back in the afternoon which sometimes they did. Yet or some reason i said let me check ups online and SURE ENOUGH it read attepted first delivery logged in at 11 am---I was fuming i was there and well beyond the delivery time he had lied in his log. My wife called ups customer service to complain--this is where the lies from ups snowballed: ten hours later the first log was "coincedently" by a second log at 12 midnight which read address incorrect ups will look for correct address and my wife's complaint was logged in as a customer requesting new shipping address. SO THE SECOND DAY it was cool and rainy so i waited in the lobby with the broken intercom right in front of me in perfect view(ups tracking said it will be delivered that day)and once again i see the ups man pass the building empty handed and i said to myself no he wouldnt?--YES HE DID! WHEN I got home and unto my computer it was logged deceitfully again as attempted first delivery at 10:56 am. I called my wife pleaded with her to cancel the delivery and reorder it again and this time have it delivered by fedex. she did not and complained and once again shameful lies contuined her complaint was again logged in as customer requesting shipping address and once again at night it was logged in as wrong address again from second delivery attempt would be on....well to bring this horror story to an end my wife had to go to the ups depot to pick it up herself........

well what does it teach us besides: truthfullness,responsibility,honesty,going the extra mile(for example by this tim he should know the intercom has been broken for a year and say to himself gee let me go upstairs and double check to make sure nobody is actually home) and bad customer service=losing customers?

well to the christain it means:

1. we dishonor God by not putting our faith into action outside the church.

2. we try to cover up our mistakes and sins with one lie we start a dominoe reaction because then we need to utter another lie to coverup that lie so on and so forth.

3. God will call us out and be responsible for our sins and lies directly or indirecly like the prophet nathan and king david.

4. we are to do all for the glory of God 1cor 10:31

5. we can lie and coverup our sins or help others to do so but God sees. (psa 139)

6. we can give false info and wrap it up in the guise of truth to make it us look good or diffuse the situation But God is truth...

7. we are to love our neighbor as yourself.

8. we can possibly play with justice here but God is justice.

9. we become stumbling blocks for others.

10. one bad apple ruins the apples that are good.

some verses on work for futher study:

eph 6:5-8 col 3:22-25 prov 6:6-11

2tim 2:6 col 3:7 1 cor 7:17

Friday, July 07, 2006

what has sin made of our spiritual bodies

Here are brief thoughts on the spiritual anatomy of all mankind past,present and future(including myself):

Stomachs: would rather hunger,digest like the prodigal son the garbage(wallow like pigs in filth) sin makes of the good things God created for man to enjoy and use to Glorify God as tthey lived out their faith in this world.

Knees: would rather bend and worship the idols sin bewitches us with rather than bend and worship our sovereign God.

backbone; rather depend drawing strength and courage on the world's might than God and all who He is and His word.

Eyes: blinded by the fleeting enticing mirages of sin.

Ears: deaf to God's words of hope and life.

Nose and Lungs: able and willing to breathe the foul pollution of sin and unable to breathe the healthy clean air of heaven.

Heart: provides the factory where the materials sin has harvested and grown in the mind is forged and asembled to produce its products.

Mind: the planning board where sin directs the seeds of the imagination and thoughts to be borne,planted and nurtured.

Mouth and Tongue: willing and able to savour the intimate kisses of sin and to spread its poison to others.

Arms: raised always as a clutched fist of defiance againest God and always ready to lovingly embrace sin.

Feet: always walking towards sin and away from God.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

what do false pastors/teachers see as they survey their flocks?

What do fale pastors/teachers see as they survey their flocks? They see:

1.dollar signs




6.foot soilders to spread their message

7.source of their ego

8. harem

9. tax shelter/tax exemptions

10.clay to mold them whatever he wishes

11. customers

12. stepping stones

13. powerbase to wield in the political arena

14.disposable assets: meaning when they no longer serve a purpose or are on to their con game -they can just abaddon them and go elsewhere to find new assests.

15. subjects

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

wash away your sins

this is a humorous look on religous items--sadly many "christain peddlers" in the guise of being pastors fool many into thinking items made by man can save them from their sins but the precious blood of Jesus Christ.... deceiving many to falinto hell.sadly also in terms of health and wealth they too are fooled insteadof focusing on God,His sovereignty,wisdom,love and personal care of His children...these christain peddlers sell them the con as well...for many adding to their health and fiancial problems while these christain peddlers laugh themselves all the way to the bank,live in mansions and drive $300,000 bentleys etc

Gee,i hope this site is a joke...

three of hearts

i was channel surfing and found a commercial on bravo for Three of hearts: a postmodern family> In this documentary a woman is married to 2 men one legally and the other spiritually.I just shook my head and said to myself: this show should be subtitled : 3 sinners living in sin and in need of saving and amazing grace that transformed sinners like me,my fellow christains and notable christains from the past like: paul,john newton etc it is just another attack on the God ordained instituion of husband,wife and children to destroy the family unit God ordained to cement society. And i looked into my heart and saw sin's definition:

sin makes attractive,desirable,palpable,acceptable,modern,good,fullfilling,liberating,victimless,harmless,God honoring,God pleasing,sweet,rational,invigorating,healthy,enlightening,true,respectful,lifegiving,minor,spiritual,enriching,spice,investment,guilt free,sowing one's oats,just one sin,creative/innovative,uncurable,self rightous,no consequences ......

God in His word and Sovereignty reveals sin for what it truly is behind its mask: hidous,undesirable,poisonous,nausating,unacceptable,nothing new,degrading,guilt building and nurturing,lies,insatiable,harmful,degressing,numbing,enslaving,man pleasing,God dishonoring,rebellios,disobedience,major,unspiritual,foolishness,shameful,it makes victims of others in your life,abnormal,unacceptable,sickness,evil,MURDERING,ADULTEROUS,stack of dominoes one falls on the next so on and so forth,filthy rags,bubilically curagle,decaying,rotting,repercussions,stinking etc

Monday, July 03, 2006

six flags over jesus

click on the link and check this streaming audio sermon:

If you do not want to truly reach people for Christ and you perfer to entertain people to hell with a Six flags over jesus---interested in keeping your sins and have heaven as well,interested in making money by making God and His word into a fianicial infomercial,interested in winning people to follow and love and worship you and not God who alone deserves it----then DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS SERMON AND INVITE THIS GODLY PASTOR TO YOUR CHURCH!!!

upcoming posts

i will try to gather some thoughts on these:

1. the united parcel service(UPS) and the christain

2.superman and the gospel

july 4th and john 3:16

have a happy and safe july4th....and remember the ultimate independence celebration came from what Christ has done on the cross,is doing for us now and what he will do for us when we stand before Him when we go to Him or when comes back at the second coming.......