Wednesday, April 26, 2006

my computer crashed

I haven't been able to post anything because until my wife got the software yesterday to fix our crashed computer. i will post again soon trying now to work out the kinks.

God bless

Thursday, April 13, 2006

a false messiah in miami

My friend adrian at

emailed me this and it is just further proof that hispanics need a solid biblcal church and solid biblical preaching and teaching: feb.21,2006 by j.lee grady

the gospel of judas

There is soon to be published a work from" new testament times" a false gospel,the mother of today's religous fantasy fiction da vinci code,the left behind series etc , false teachings of prosperity teachers and false bibles of the cults dianetics,book of mormon and the declarations of mary baker eddy etc that world promotes as the real ultimate truth. some thoughts when you read the gospel of judas:
1. the church did not authorize the bible-the church recognizes the finak authority of the bible and places herself under its light for all its teachings,pronouncements and matters of faith.

2. the church did not make the bible but he bible because it is the word of God made the church.

3. The word of God is the bread of a healthy church.

judges 21:25 / 2 cor 11: 4,13-15/ 1 tim 1;3-5 2tim 4;3-5/ 1peter 1;15-17/ gal 1;6-8/ titus 1;13-15/ ezek 13; 2-4/ prov 6;16-19/ lam 3;59-61/ lam 2;14/ rom 1;20-22/ 2 cor 10;5/ gal 1;10/ matt 24;23-25/
jer 23;30-32/ jer23;25-27/ 2 tim 4;3-5

You can check the gospel of judas via this article on it and its link: scroll down to april 6,2006 gospel of judas post

for resources check: sermon by pastor trevor hammack gospel of judas a biblical response

the 7 words

During this special time of Easter let us all reflect on the seven words as seven invitations:

for christains: to glorify,praise God for all He has,is and done for us with the talents and experiences He has blessed us with.

for easter only christains: to see the seven words as seven invitations to become serious in their walk with christ.

for the unsaved to see the seven words as seven invitations to flee to christ and seven lasting words that will keep them in their ups and downs in their walk of faith...

1. the word of forgiveness luke 23:34

2. the word of salvation luke 23:42,43

3. the word of affection john 19:25,26

4. the word of anguish matthew 27:46

5. the word of suffering john 19:28

6. the word of victory john 19:30

7. the word of contentment luke 23:46

please pray for the potential church plant

unfortunately i was not able to make it to the early discussions of a possible pca church plant here in new york city among the hispanic community. so at the momment i am in the dark. please pray for this possible mission and that God will provide for it and bless it-also pray for me that God will open doors for me and me wife to attend any future meetings .

Sunday, April 09, 2006

personal prayer petiton

I ask for prayer because i am a little down and sad.(God truly knows my heart concerning having A solidly biblical GOOD CHURCH ministering to the hispanic community )... The reason being that at this momment i was hoping to attend the first meetings either this tuesday or wednesday for the potential pca church plant among the hispanics here in nyc-there was a longshot but it slowly faded away for these reasons:

fianicial: 1. baby sitting it would cost additional to baby sit our 3 year old son.(family members did in the past but due to circimstances beyound ours and their control this week they can not step in)
2. at this momment i can not take public transportation for it would leave me not near where the meeting is taking place. eventthough i will be using my walker my body lacks the stamina to walk short distance.( it took me a half hour to walk 4 blocks to a clinic appt.(8 blocks total) because till i get special shoes i could only hop on my one good foot) and sometimes these city streets are obstacle courses.

1. my wife started her job recently and she is reluctant because of this to ask to leave or take a day off. eventhough she has worked beyond the hours she is supposed to these past 3 months. And she is my God given robin to my batman. her God given talents supplement and compliment my own God given talents and experiences and likewise i to hers.

so please pray for me and my wife that God will open doors for this endeavor

Remember Christ

Remember Christ not only during these days called holy week from palm sunday to easter-ressurection sunday-but the whole year remember HIM what He did for us,what he is presently doing for us and what He will Do for us when He comes back. Let it be flames that feed the love for Him daily and the source of our wisdom,motivation in glorifying Him with the talents He has given us. And let us make sure that while we put so much effort to dress nice this week-that we make sure that we dress up daily in His robes of righteousness...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

say it ain't so evans and cymbala?

Go to : and view april 4th,2006 blog: use the force,tony!

and and click on church development conference

And ask yourself this question: why should evans and cymbala preach alongside wolves in pastors clothing and heretics?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Is the church eventually becoming another starbucks,burger king or mcdonalds?

I came across this article today and quite honestly at the momment i am speechless and not in a happy way...

clink on this link:

and click on the article under headlines menu: Church franchise a hit,but hostile takeovers rattle congregations (if you can not find it look for it under march 2006 archives)

Tim Keller rocks!!!

Tim Keller is not only a solidly biblical preacher-he has a truly biblical vision for the city. I remember visiting mega churches and feeling uncomfortable because one of the main reason i have heard for mega churches are not biblical like:

- it gives us more economic,political and social clout yet in light of scriptures: zec 4:6

and within a megachurch setting it is possible:

1. to go to church and fellowship with no one and have no accoutability to no one.

2. not go to the church service at all and just hang out in the lobby gossiping and joking around.

3. In order to mantain is megachurch status it has to use man centered methods with just enough bible to attract,maintain the "money train" 2 tim 4:1-4

4. It promotes a unbiblical view of church growth meaning hey we are growing in numbers so God must be happy with us. forgetting God is the one who adds not the show: matt 16:18-19 1 cor 1:21 john 6:44. That jesus could've had a mega church meeting the supposedly expectant needs of His followers and when He did not compromise or conform His "megachurch" began leaving Him: john 6:60-71

5. we are called to be the salt of the earth not just salt the suburbs and certain part of the city but both the city and the suburbs. In other words The whole society is sick you don't apply the medicine in one isolated area when the whole area needs it to regain good health.

So tim keller could've had a megachurch but choose to honor God and led redeemer to concieve and be mother to churches all around the city. currently(unlike other solidly biblical churches)He is organizing a church plant in nyc specifically to reach out to the neglected minorities here.(even if it hits a snag or obstacle he has a better track record with minorities than all the other solidly reformed churches combined). Please pray for this endeavor and if does get off the ground that God will use me, my wife and my son to bring the shalom to our community with the talents and experiences he has loaned us...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

deal or no deal and sin

this morning this thought came to mind: on nbc there is a game show called deal or no deal. In the game there are 27 suitcases held by 27 beatiful women. each case contains amounts from the top prize of one million dollars to one penny. The person begins the game by selecting a briefcase hoping that it holds the top prize amounts and the grand one. Then the contestant goes thru several rounds selecting certain briefcases hoping that they may not eliminate the top cash prizes(if the brief case they selected does not contain it)and eliminate the low cash amounts. Based on the outcome of each round the banker offers a certain amount to buy back the briefcase they selected before the game started to prevent them from winning the highest amount possible after each successive round.

Sin is just like the gameshow-it offers itself to us as the grand prize which we think we want,need or have earned via "enticing beautiful women"in the guise of whatever tempts us. Yet unlike the gameshow:1. the highest prize amount is always a mirage,fools gold or poison etc

2. Unlike the gameshow which is nothing but "chance or luck" sin is deliberate,cunning and adaptive in its purpose to destroy your life and soul either by going thru the frontdoor or thru a open window like a friend or neighbor.

3. unlike the gameshow which offers you supposedly happiness for both the child of God and the unsaved reaps disatification,emptiness,misery,pain,stress etc
- further for the child of God they wander AWAY FROM FELLOWSHIP OF GOD and begin acting like our first parents adam and eve.
-further for the unsaved they trash,belittle the grace,mercy and blessings from God and their hearts,minds and lives become harden and rebellious towards God acting like the people in romans 1:18- 2:6

4. in the afterlife for the child of God loss of rewards and for the unsaved loss of their souls and eternal justice in hell.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I thank God

well I am still working on some short articles on:
1. hispanics and 5 points of calvinism

2. hispanics and the 5 solas

3. some thoughts on dating

But in this post I want to thank God for His providental care of me,my wife and my son and their blessing to me from Him is always active in His children's care.
-I want to thank God that my recently diagnosed diabetes(June 2005) that caused me to lose all my right toes due to amputation is so under control that most of my meds have been reduced and the only one i have left has been reduced to its lowest dosage. Soon i will get fitted for special shoes and begin physical therapy to walk again. The only sad part is that i may not be able to go my son"s 4th birthday party at school next month because they may not be wheelchair accessible.

-Please note to either check your home fire alarms and carbon dixode monitors(or if you dont have them please install them) i had a scare last week when my carbon monixide dectetors went off twice the same day. th first was around 2:20 n the afternoon and the super found the problem which was my stove the pilot light was to high and was burning the top of the stove forming a thin layer of soot which he cleaned up. The second time was when we were going to sleep and it rang> we called the fire dept and six firemen came and checked the alarms and the apt for carbon monoxide and thankfully it was nil. They said to change the batteries.

- for the wonderful birthday present that redeemer nyc pca may plant a church in nyc to reach out to hispanics. may God use the gifts and experiences he has blessed me and my wife for this wonderful endeavor and May He give us all the grace and wisdom in the words of star trek Capt Picard: Make it so....

sola Deo gloria....