Tuesday, May 30, 2006

jesus lives in my shower

This site on the web is a sarcastic attack ( I belive)on the foolish superstitions people see and belive when they are not grounded firmly on God's word but rather on current fads the church espouses when she wanders from the Chief Shepherd and His word which is rooted instead and nurtured instead by everything else but the biblical gospel. Check it out:


and let us see seek to see jesus in God's word ---till the day He returns or the day we die and are called home and we see Him face to face......


interesting sites










Wednesday, May 24, 2006

rememberances of joshua harris and i kissed dating good bye

i remember today harris book i kissed dating good bye this morning how:

1. some good points( parental oversight, responsibility,power of sin and lust,job preparation
and no sex before marriage etc.

2. how it caused confusion in my youth group.

3. how i reacted when he acted as my adam in advocating no kissing because it promotes lust-and i said who is he to speak for me? as if he knew me? if he cant handle it God bless him but I am different(me and my wife kissed and never till we were married did it lead to sex) reminded me of verses talking about legalism of manmade doctrines touch not taste not....

4. how it grew from courtship to betrothed

5. how it created 2 classes of christains: the spiritual and the worldly who dated...

da vinci and God's sovereignty

in times past God has used heresies such as those taught in dan browns book to awaken the church from her slumber that has caused her vision of God's word to be blurry or completely blind farsighted or near sighted by laziness,indifference,pragmitism,paganism,sycretism,legalism etc to have a clearer vision of the biblical gospel as she proclaims defends teaches and live in the world....

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Saturday, May 06, 2006

da vinci code soul virus

Soon the fable and heresy of the da vinci code will be further stregthened by the movie. So here are 2 excellent sites to fight againest by the word of truth and not by might boycotts etc do not changerebellious sinful hearts and minds both (only God's word has that life giving power)within the church and ouside the church:


www.sermonaudio.com search under da vinci code

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

sometimes sarcasm and jokes become reality...

Hi guys I am back... well on april 5th posting this year i posted a thought on churches going the way and emulating the macdonalds,burger king and starbucks etc franchise mentality and i linked it to a article on lark news...well upon further review i see this website is commenting on christain culture and culture in general in a sarcastic and humorous way( it is great and i have no problem with it at all) yet sometimes something said in sarcasm or humor may on some date become reality..... and the way the church is going i beleive the franchise mentality hsa or will become reality......