Saturday, December 31, 2005

willy thought 2: wisdom

Man's wisdom when it truly is wisdom draws it amen from God's wisdom- otherwise man's wisdom is foolishness...( abortion,homosexuality etc)

true wisdom before God does not capitolize it's i's...

true wisdom is sculpted,nurtured,defined and sustained by God's word.

man's wisdom by sin and in sin are like some ancient ruins still beautiful and noble to look upon...

man's wisdom restored in christ and by His power is adorned and redeemed daily with the endless trasures of His grace...
willy thought: I and i

when the true gospel is preached "I" before God becomes "i" before Christ....

sin says everything I am,I have I earned it, I worked for it...
grace says everything i am,i have, i earned comes from God

blind lifeless personless fickle chance cannot create not even one living personable i
willy thought 1 sin:

sin at each of our births has placed a handle with care label whose instructions read: I'm a good person, i do good, my family is christain, i am baptized, i go to church, i tithe, i pray, i read the bible, i belive in God etc.

sin before the majesty and holiness of God clothes us in" The emperor new clothes"...
sin deceives us thinking with it we have a master/genie relationship when in reality we are its slave and sin our cruel master...

sin creates a religon where it can hide and grow...
Another thought on abortion 2

One of the excuses for abortion is the myth of reponsible-free living having a baby will hinder "My life now because I am free of any responsibilities". But that is a myth for we all have resposobilities: employer/employee, government/citizen, neighbor/neighbor,parent/child,credit card user/borrowee,teacher/student,husband/spouse,society/law abiding,church/member,apt/renter etc.WE may try to run away from some of these things but We cannot "abort " these things-so why attempt to abort the sacred responsibility and divine blessing to us that of mother/child ? And add another lifetime resposibility: abortion/health issues,guilty conscience and regrets!!!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Lack of reformed witness among hispanics,african americans especially in the urban areas part 4

Here are some more possible reasons for the lack of reformed witness;

1.Hispanics and African americans lack of knowlege,experience (or Both) of the reformed faith
2. poor choice of native church planters by the reformed witness
3. lack of support for native church planters interested in establishing reformed churches
4. lack of economic,social or intelluctual assests to appeal interest of the reformed witness to invest their time and money
5. naive native: The tenets of the reformed faith is above their grasp

overall the main reason is THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD: Romans chapter 9

Negatively all or some of the reasons I stated God is using in His purpose (to delay) for a limited reformed witness

Positively none of the reasons I stated- it is going to happen in His time and in His way

soli deo gloria
limited reformed witness part 3:

here are some more possible reasons for a limited reformed witness among hispanics and african americans:

1. racism
2. lack of knowledge of hispanic or other cultures in america other than their own
3. monastry theology
4. lack of "doctrinally-trained" clergy among hispanics and african americans
5. hispanics and african americans turned off by Borg like assimilation that disregard their own God given talents to contribute to the whole body of christ

6."God for the jews mentality"
7. blindness
8. avoiding their problems at home by fixing problems outside the house
9. unbiblical view of the great commission: seeing as more "romantic" God honoring missionary work in other nations
motto of the false gospel

Let us do everything and anything to bring people into the church and leave their sinful ways and nature intact and unchanged-But preach the true gospel!!!

The reasons christains/churches use in utilizing teachings,principles and methods that goes againest God and his word....ancient israel that made the golden calf if they lived now-would've said the same excuses to why they did what they did......
thoughts on abortion part 1:

On the internet i came across a news story about there being only one abortion clinic serving all of South Dakota. This provided superhardship obstacles of time,manpower,money,distance and service for the women abortion seekers there. Yet one abortion anywhere for me is one too many in light of the immense value God has given to each baby:
they are all equally precious in His sight and He knows each by their name.

may the church,christains and lovers of the unborn/ future born fight by all the legal,educational,religous and political means to overturn the laws that daily bring God's wrath and judgement upon this nation till there are no more abortion clinics and laws are put in place - not only in the lawbooks but in all people's hearts to defend the God given rights of the unborn.
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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

churches to visit:


a.Iglesia Bautista Reformada
Pastor Eugene Pinero
5510 tonnelle ave
north bergen,new jersey 07047-3029
phone: 201 348.3190 (they also have spanish reformed book store)

b. Primera Iglesia Bautista
Pastor David Acevedo
phone 718 852.6046

2. english

a. New Song (PCA)
Pastor Jeff White
2230 frederick douglas blvd
new york,ny
phone 212 749.6122

b.Redeemer Presbyterian church (PCA)
Pastor Tim Keller
meets@ Hunter College 69st between park and lexington manhattan take #6 train to 68th street station

phone 212 808.4460
web site:

c. Trinity Reformed Baptist church
Pastor Albert Martin
160 changebridge road
montville,nj 07045
phone 973 334.5045

d. Northshore Baptist Church
Pastor Ed Moore
202-09 42nd ave
bayside, ny 11361
phone 718 229.7223
check this out 2: reformed websites

1. (some spanish audio sermons )
check this out 1: reformed spanish websites


Monday, December 26, 2005

Limited reformed witness to Hispanics part 2

There are several possible reasons why their is a limited reformed witness to Hispanics in particular the ones living and working in the urban centers. Some of these reasons are:
1.lack of zeal
2.lack of vision
3.lack of love
5.birds of a feather flock together
Fortunately God is bigger than these possible reasons and In His divine sovereignty and in His time He will raise a reformed witness among the hispanic americans.
I always wondered with the hispanic population growing in the United states--why the solidly biblical reformed denominations such as PCA,OPC and independent churches like the Reformed baptists have such a limited witness among urban hispanics like New York City???