Sunday, December 31, 2006

GOD protects another child

Once again God does overtime in watching over and protecting a child.....reminds me of this verse:

Psalm 91:11 For He will give His angels [especial] charge over you to accompany and defend and preserve you in all your ways [of obedience and service).
11Pues El dará órdenes a sus ángeles acerca de ti, para que te guarden en todos tus caminos.

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Happy birthday to our good friend Doran-may God bless you with dreams that do come true!!!


willy,wanda,willy jr and ?

Monday, December 25, 2006

please pray for these children

These children their stories pull at my heartstrings because i almost went to a orphanage-i was three days away were it not for God's providence. SO PLEASE REMEMBER THESE CHILDEREN IN YOUR HEART AND PRAYERS -THAT GOD WILL PROVIDE THEM WITH LOVING PARENTS AND FAMILIES AND IF HE DOESN'T THAT HE HIMSELF WILL FILL THAT VOID IN THEIR HEART AND LIVES.....AND IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING ADOPTION CONSIDER THESE on the blue letters to get to link...

what are the 12 days of christmas?

just click on blue letters to read a interesting article on it.

a baby's laughter brings joy to one's heart

I think if someone planning to have a abortion would see and hear this...they will have second thoughts on following through....perhaps not keeping the precious child but giving them the gift of life to bring joy to someone else who wants a baby with all its crosses,blessings and everything in between.
i posted this thought which further clarifies what i am trying to say:" posted this thought on my blog as i watched this clip several times: perhaps someone considering abortion after watching this clip--may decide they may not still keep the child--but give that child the gift of life in the arms of someone who wants to love a baby and give that child all their God given love"

x-mas vs christmas

another post on the real or forgotton meaning of christmas. enjoy!!!click on blue letters for link...

JAMES BROWN:A lengend dies

A great singer passed away this christmas morning....

Sunday, December 24, 2006

for all santas

I came across this cartoon and i started to reflect on this and i realized that it speaks to us santas as we give presents to our family,friends,co-workers etc-- we forget the real meaning of this holiday.

what are we teaching or not teaching our minority children?

Yes, what are we teaching our or not teaching our minority children(i thank God for my son's teachers and aides who take time to teach their students to appreciate the God blessed differences) about the value of a person's skin color in which God has blessed us with: black,white and everything in between comes from God's artist brush and above on the blue letters for the recent update of the study performed years ago in which you can look up with the links below:

other links discussing this as well follows:

( i just had to post this today after seeing this on the news this early morning)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry christmas and a happy new year

I want to wish you all a merry christmas and happy new year-I'll be busy with my wife and son celebrating the holiday together in nyc...most likely i will not blog till this holiday is over--till then-God bless

get ready to rumble: mega church vs small church

Here is a interesting article by tim keller on church size dynamics: click on the blue letters

just for laughs

something to bring a laugh after a rough day-click on blue lettering

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rocky 2006

transformers the movie 2007

I grew up with the transformers,GI joe,thundercats,He-man etc so i am happy that july 4th 2007 TRANSFORMERS LIVE ACTION MOVIE IS COMING OUT--STEVEN SPEILBERG IS ON BOARD-LOOKS VERY PROMISING!!! click on blue lettering to go to official site.

meaning of christmas

these are christmas resources i collected on the real meaning of christmas enjoy:

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

revisting abortion

I posted awhile back abortion resources-i will post them again because abortion is a daily human tragedy and the only comfort i have is these poor little victims of man's insanity can be found in the eternal arms of the God of the bible who is wise,compassion,mercy,grace,just,sovereign,love,holy etc--my tears and prayers follow them to the foot of God's throne.

domestic abuse again

In past posting just like with child abuse there is still a need to repost past resources on this heinous crime as well not only againest humanity but againest God who created women as our equal in worth-co-image-bearers no more and no less than us...(click on orange lettering atop and scroll down to domestic abuse resources posting)

resources in spanish-just scroll down to posting for febuary.3,2006

terminators and sin

In the Terminator movie franchise--the terminators:killer robots sole purpose and mission is to exterminate all mankind. Reflecting on this sin is the original terminator relentless,merciless,deceiving and its sole purpose is to destroy mankind...

ro 7:11, titus 3:11 Isa 3:9 Ro 6:23 Ro 5:12 Isa 59:2

revisting child abuse

In previous posts i posted online resources on child abuse-sadly there is still a need to post those again: click on orange lettering atop and scroll down to posting on child abuse and also click on link below:

Monday, December 18, 2006

Christain parenting

Parenting for a christain is hard so here is a excellent series of sermons on parenting--to be used as a tool alongside our never failing compass: The Bible as we try to live out our faith in our families,work and leisure. click on orange link atop.

check also:

Saturday, December 16, 2006

da vinci code soul virus

Looking at the heresies da vinci code creates,promotes,resurrects i am not worried because God has and will always use heresy to force the church to distuguish truth from error and to have a more clearer vision of the biblical gospel God has entrusted her with.....

How white was jesus?

Interesting article online--to me the color of jesus does not matter one iota if he was purple,green,blue or orange...He is God,lord,savior,priest and prophet to all who put their faith on Him and Him alone for thier salvation...

Baseball trade rumors

If anybody is interested in basebsall rumors-just go to this link click above the orange letters..

this site provides nba,nfl,nhl rumors as well.......

Friday, December 15, 2006

need a good laugh?part 2

This is a classic need f good laugh past....enjoy.... just click on orange lettering...

more classic click here:

need a good laugh?

Here is something that hopefully will bring laughter to you today....
just click on the orange link....

children of men revisted

A while back i posted the link to children of men the movie-it is worth reposting again: just click on the orange lettering. Further i add this thought: With the growing rampant use of abortion as a form of birth control,as a merciless tool to be rid of the burden of unwanted babies-what if one day God out of justice (in light of the daily holocaust of the murder of the littelest defenseless)past judgement on the whole of mankind that they may longer enjoy the blessing of having children,they abused,wasted- they never truly appreciated but rather taking it for granted that after the abortion(S) when they are ready they will have a baby.......

single christain women looking for their superman in christ

I remember my life was going the route of the charecter from the movie 40 year virgin(i was happily married when i was 35)and single christain women were no help...they said they wanted a christain young man yet by their actions they choose non christains and looks. me and my fellow christain brothers suffered alot and it got worse when joshua harris came out with i kissed dating good bye it confused singles further. Iroinically non christain women were attracted to us and throwing themselves at our feet--and i was tempted for the most part i obeyed God but that does not mean He did not have to step in a couple of times to bring back this prodigal son. so hereare some words of advice:

for christain single women seek your superman in christ whose power and life is rooted in God's word and their power is drawn from their saving faith in christ as lord,teacher and priest and look beyond their "ugly nerdy eyeglasses" and you will see this "clark kent" is God's best for you!

for christain young men hang in there i know firsthand how lonely,sad,frustating and painful but God is on your side. He alone(not you) knows what is truly best for you..and if He sees that a women is best for you-againest all possible odds againest you-He will open the fickle hearts of a christain louis lane and help her to see beyond your " nerdy clark kent glasses" to see that your are her superman in christ.

for both: SEEK Christ and countuine to build yourselves in the faith ,discover and cultivate your God given talent(s)and prepare yourselves acadamically and career wise.

Real life child super hero

On a lighter side God was definitely with this innocent kid as he confronted criminals to save his parents.

click on orange highlight to go to link.

unbelivable case of child abuse

I CAN not BELIEVE this case of child abuse and the judge's fine in light of repeated reports of child abuse-all because the child urinated upon themselves. My heart prayer is that God will always watch His defenseless little precious gifts.(click on the orange highlight to go to link)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

fond memory of my mother

This picture is a fond memorie of my childhood as my mother had placed this same picture over my crib. I will always thank God for her....

where are the superhero's?

Just a question: Where are the hispanic superheros of the reformed faith doing in the hispanic communities here in the northeast urban centers? The few in pca,opc,reformed baptists,southern baptists etc the few at westminster seminary,reformed theological seminary,covenant theological seminary etc

christmas and us

This thought came to mind during the hustle and bustle and insanity during christmas the shopping,cooking,expectations etc that we forget the meanig the source the fountain of this holiday: Jesus Christ. Sure we do not know when he was exactly was born nor does the bible command us or sanction us to celebrate this holiday....But this holiday should remind us that Jesus GOD came down to us becoming a human like us paying the ultimate price:(THE price He alone could fully and eternally pay)His life-to give us sinners,to free us sinners from the chains/reins sin has us bound since birth to recoucile us-to reunite us with Our Holy God who we rebel againest daily in small things as well as the "big things". Rather following sin away from God to a eternity without Him in hell suffering the just punishments for our sins. So let us draw cling to Christ as God's ultimate gift to us.....

nintendo wii and us as sinners

While watching the news a report came up on nintendo wii game system accidents(CLINK ON ABOVE LINKhighlighted in orangish lettering above the picture) i love game systems and nintendo has always been my choice and this along with the frenzy to get its latest version is a perfect analogy of us and sinners.
We like the people who became so enamored with getting this game system waiting on line for days and literaly getting into fistsights to get a hold of it summs up the attitude with have towards sin. We go after whatever sin we are prone as individuals because that is what we want. And like nintendo corp.who hid the flaws and concerns with wii from the public-sin markets/promotes itself leaving out its flaws,hazzards,motives/agenda,problems,repruccussions,consequences.