Wednesday, August 23, 2006

hispanics,reformed faith and reformed churchesand mna 2

I was taking to my wife this morning about mna conference on reaching hispanics...i asked her who should lead that discussion and she answered with her God given common sense: who better than reformed hispanics! well she was surprised when i told her no...two white americans! it was not as if mna had no qualified reformed hispanics to speak advise on reaching have eugene pinero reformed baptist pastor,jon seda pastor,orlando crespo and if you wanted some big name with degrees and credentials you had manny ortiz professor at westminister seminary who wrote countless books on urban churchplanting and especially among hispanics!!! (the last 2 you check online at cbd,barnes noble and amazon books)
i had to reflect why this happend and i came up with some possible reasons:






Tuesday, August 22, 2006

hispanics and reformed theology

here is a interesting link on a article in which a conference is held on reaching hispanics and not one key note speaker is hispanic:

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

In a world where where women...

In a world where women can no longer have or bear children is the premise of the book and the upcoming movie sept 29th 2006. check the trailer out at:

It makes you appreciate and cherish more the God given gift of child conceiving and child producing--that in the real world is being abused, wasted,offered and descreated on the altars of abortion by the priests callled: womens rights, premartial sex, non committed sex and sex without responsibility and consequences etc

Monday, August 07, 2006

False prophets and their greed for wealth

Here is a great link to provide info on false prophets whose only concern for you is how to separate you from your money. They appeal to your greed,insecurities,problems,ignorance etc.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

dangers of the internet

Here is a link to a sermon in pdf conecerning the dangers of the internet:

Love your neighbor

Recent days I see the biblical wisdom of love your neighbor as yourself verse. I have been temporarily wheelchairbound and now till I get special shoes I am wearing heavy metal foot brace-that makes me walk like a night of living dead zombie. Honestly even then I would hold doors and help my neighbors in the limited way I can. And WOW some of my neighbors have shown me no courtesy,mercy or compassion--they see me struggling and they look the other way....This what God's wise counsel has shown me:

1. It is our God given responsibility we have to be a Christ to our neighbor...

2. And the good we do to them will either bring them blessing or heap further God's judgment on them.... And

3. We if we deny helping our neighbors may one day God forbid find ourselves in a situation were we need the same mercy,love,compassion,respect and courtesy our hard hearts denied them!!!