Sunday, January 29, 2006

on bible prophecy

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3. chek under sermon series: the millenium



6. check topic: eschatology

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Home Safety: In case of fire

Almost a year and half ago a fire hit my floor in the apt building i thank God that He protected us and we were able to safely escape. So because of this i gathered these safety tips so that others may know what to do In case of fire:

personal experience:

1. have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in place in home. test and change batteries often.

2. never leave combustible items such as mattresses,tables near stairs.

3. never use the elevator to escape a fire.

4. check front door knob and door before opening the door to flee to see if they are hot . If they are DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR!!! FIND ANOTHER ESCAPE ROUTE!!!

5. always have cell phone,pocket change to call family once outside.

6.if you can not escape tell 911 the amount of people with you and where you are.

7. have a fire safety plan and practice it frequently.


a. adults:






b. for kids:

1. check search under childeren and fire safety





c. for those who teach ,work and care for children:

Thursday, January 26, 2006

pro-life sites








more reformed sites






links to sites for studies on cults

Since the days of apostles the church has suffered from attacks by groups claiming:

1. the bible plus our teachings

2. our teachings minus the bible

so here are some links for christains to study the teachings of old and new cults for use in their personal walk with our Savior and Lord or as they engage these cults on a daily basis. Just click on each link:






Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A mini theology of abortion:action

What is a mini theology of abortion? A mini theology of abortion includes these two things: 1. what the bible teaches on abortion 2. action or application of what the bible teaches on abortion in the world. I will be focusing on briefly the action or the application by the christain individual and the church as a whole.

A. individual christain:

1. As salt and light the christain to live out the faith in thier community,workplace and social and recreational gatherings.

2. To use their power of the vote.

3. To run for political office.

b. the church:

1. to preach and teach the gospel beyond its closed doors.

2. for the church to protest using only non-violent means.

All this can be done without resulting to worldly methods such as violence(verbal and physical),the church invading the God ordained sphere of the government.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

launching pads for your faith

Recently I discovered how to link readers of this blog to recomended internet sites. So now just clink on the link i posted and it will take you there. The following links i consider some of the best to be launching pads in building up your faith. Just remember: acts 17:11 and 2tim 3:15-17 when you link up to these sites or any site in general.











Friday, January 20, 2006

highly reccomended new prolife website

This new website on prolife seeks to present the sinfulness,evil,injustice of abortion to the next generation. watching it brought me to tears...may God wrap it around His holy truth and use it to open the eyes of people who are planning to get a abortion,to people who support abortion,to a nation that embraces abortion ( in its laws,ethics and societal mores) to people who are silent,indifferent,ignorant and apathetic and to the church whose pulpits barely raise a whiper of protest......



Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Beware of internet wolves!!!

It has happend to me twice recieving these emails but fortunately I am very skeptical and leery andI had heard about it from the news so I was doubly forewarned. They are internet wolves who seek to rob people via the internet. The scam is tailor made to each victim: christain,greedy,poor etc. But it follows the same outline:
1. a person or persons fleeing from a country

2. a wealthy account is tied up there

3. they offer you a share if you send them your bank accout number so they can transfer it to you.

4. they need money to bribe officials there

5. invite you to go there just send a deposit as a token sign of good faith on your part


Blogs to visit











Of free will and chocale chip cookies

Free will to most people is defined as the ability to choose and do- -free from any influences. But in reality this free will rather belongs to a mentally ill patient...What the bible teaches is that all persons are born with wills that are free to choose according to its prefences and circumstances . So if someone offers you a chocolate chip cookie and you love chocolate you will choose to eat it, yet if you are allergic a diabectic or you know the person does not know how to bake you may choose not to eat. Yet you may take the cookie even if you are allergic,diabetic or know for sure they can't bake because you like them,you don't want to hurt their feelings or they are the bosses relative or you are depressed etc. Your will is freely choosing according to its prefences and circumstances.

Monday, January 16, 2006

on studying sin

Recently a public high school teacher had their class study pornography by viewing it online. Honestly to study sin you should not and must not indulge in sin. Sin is nothing to be trifle with once you open the door of your mind,heart and life to it-it will find ways to stay there and make it more cozy and comfortable. You can understand that sin in particular pornography by:

1.Personally studying the word: the word internet pornography may not be find there-but scriptures touches all causes,fruit and affects of this sin.

2. Preaching and Teaching by pastors and teachers from the depository of wisdom: the bible.

3. listening to the testimonies of its victims and law enforcement officers.

Look at adam and eve and what the knowledge of good and evil by experience brought them and us....

Quick thoughts on church plants

Here are some quick thoughts on church plants in particular those that may be planted by the reformed witness in Hispanic and minority urban areas:

1. Apply 1 pe 5:1-4 and john 10:1-29 in selection of pastors

2. Remember rev 5:9-10

3. That all but Paul had any form of formal education. It is a plus to have formal seminary education but making it mandoratory when scripture has not made it so--it is a sin at worst and having a spirit of legalism at best.

teens attack homeless men in florida

Today I was reading how teens attacked 3 homeless men killing one. This is a living witness and testimony on Romans chapter 1-3.......When a country and all its institutions shake off the influence of the gospel the void will be replaced by the anarchy of sin which will remove the moral boundaries and restraints eventually calling evil good and good evil...

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sin is...

Some thought on sin:

1. sin always follows thru on the conditions it does not reveal in its promises:
- to make you into its image: a fallen,lost and poor sinner
- to draw you away from God and make you its prey
- ITS BILL-payment due immediately: the wages of sin is death.

2. Sin is the original spin doctor it can make a evil sinner into a hero,someone to look up to and the most evil act into a holy virtue that is so kool or fashionable.

3. sin is the original bait and switch salesperson...for it takes a good thing from God offers it to you at below cost and then switches it for a lemon that costs you way more and that God in His wisdom,mercy and love did not intend for you to have....

Judas the next co-redeemer?: some quick thoughts

Recently in the news it was saying how some leaders in the roman catholic church are trying to reimagine Judas the betrayer of Jesus, a sinner who sinned knowingingly,willingness , lovingness and most wickedly into a hero. Justifying this in that he was fulfilling his part in God's plan of salvation. Also to examine him in the new light of another false gospel: the gospel of Judas. Touching the first point: hey guys!!! Remember Joseph who told his brothers the evil you did God used it for good...Does this not apply here as well??? The evil act of Judas (who never turned to Christ for salvation and forgiveness) God used to bring about good... Touching the second point Hey guys!!! There was a reason the church rejected these lost hidden so called gospels and it is not a da Vinci code type conspiracy either!!! The reason they were rejected because under the guidance of the Holy spirit the church recongnized what gospels were from God and those that were not...They recognized the authority of the true gospels over the false gospels of the false prophets,false christs ,false teachers and false apostles of that day...One final point in one of the posts the author jokingly commented Judas as a co-redeemer...Hey history has shown what is joked about today as a impossibility becomes reality tomorrow!!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

multi-cultureral worship vs ethno-centric worship

I have been thinking lately on worship in particular here in the U.S.A in light of rev 5:9-10 and other pertaining scriptures. These thoughts and questions came to mind:

1. worship in reformed churches here are ethnocentric white european in particular

2. worship in reformed churches are regulated by the regualative priciple.

3. reformed church worship in general excludes contributions of other cultures in its worship.

4. that ethnocentric and multi-cultural worship are both imperfect but both are biblical.

5. that the regualitive principle can and must be applied to both.

6. can ethnocentric worship apply the regualative priciple without looking first thru the lens of dominant culture?

7. is the problem of ethnocentric worhip in applying the regualative principle reallly that it is looking thru the lens of the dominant culture or is it something else?

8. can multicultural worship after being neglected and unrecongnized for so long be able:
a. assert itself

b. know how to apply or be willing to apply the regualative principle to its worship or settle for pragmatism or other man centered philosophies?

c. shed its inhibitions spawned by feeling of spiritiual inferiority or be like the weaker brother in 1 cor 8: 1-13 and reject those aspects of their cultural worship that does not go againest the word of God and consider it sin or unclean?

9. that in the end ethnocentricworship along with other cultures will be around God's throne glorifying God with thier individual God given talents...

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Thursday, January 12, 2006


I. Some people believe that the bible contributes to child abuse-it does not. What the bible does is a witness to the evil of this sin. And what the bible teaches on all aspects of raising up children must be be in proper context of the bible as a whole. Meaning 1. to qoute one verse in isolation of other verses that speak directly or indirectly to the situation because it supports your view or case. 2. reading what you want to hear in the passage(s) and not what it truly is saying and teaching. 3. declaring what you believe God told you it was so. 4. simply say it is true because the bible says so. 5. The pastor or teacher said so.


point 1. Not to quote one verse or verses in isolation but to study the bible as a whole to see what it truly teaches on any given subject or situation.

point 2. The fancy word is exogesis

point 3: The sure way to test this out is to test this word from the Lord againest scripture--If it is truly a word from God it will never contradict or go againest or stand in complete contrast to what the word declares about any given subject.

point 4:( and point 5:as well) is laziness to study the word, need a respected authority to endorse ones actions or beliefs without once again studying and applying or simply out of ignorance because it sounds biblical.

point 5: they are many forms a pope may take. Whatever we believe must be supported by scripture and not stand againest it.

Child abuse and God

Everyday it seems on the news here in nyc it seems there is a report of another child abused and killed by either thier parent ,guardian or caretaker. It always makes me cry and sob to think about these poor little ones what they were feeling when they were betrayed--I also can pictire them playing innocently, looking out the window and waving at passerbys or simply spiLLing something or accidently soiling themelves. I cry out to God with burning tears defined by a broken heart WHY? I already know the answer> Because of the fall of man into sin. It is then I find comfort in my reformed faith-the doctrines of grace and I lift these poor helpless defenseless little ones in prayer and I leave them before the God who is: JUST,MERCY,GOOD,HOLY,SOVEREIGN,WISE,ALLSEEING,GRACIOUS,UNCHANGING,FREE, LOVE AND COMPASSIONATE ETC... THe one and true GOd : the God of the bible.......

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

On homosexuality

I saw this morning how 2 women made a mockery of God's institution of marriage. One remarked both parents on each side did not attend because they could not endorse or bless their union by their presence. They argued it was based on society's traditions and ethics and that is changing. When she said that I said Gee I'm glad it is not based on fickle man's wisdom but on God who does not change and His word that does not change like man's laws and ethics. Perhaps they feel their parents based on society's acceptance would've felt embraced and be social pariahs in their community... But where does society and their parents sense of rejection of thier union come from--ultimately it comes from God's God given conscience...

On Eschatology

These are some of the things we know how they are going to be played out:

1. Christ is coming

2.judgement all the living and dead heaven and new earth

4.Christ reigns

5.we will reign with Christ

But on the other things amils,postmils and pre-mils debate on-God knows ...we will only know when it happens...

Saturday, January 07, 2006


A couple of years ago a book was written by a false teacher of health and wealth gospel but he was not false in his observation of Sunday worship here in America: he called it the most segregated hour in America! And it is reflected when churches and denominations only plant churches in poor minority urban areas that are up and coming. Meaning rents for apts like one bedroom go up to $1800-up,$250,000 condos are being built around you..AND for rent signs which once read apts for rent now read "luxery "apts for rent-and these are the same apts...and your local mom and pop bakery is replaced by a starbucks..(..and these are minority families struggling to survive at minumum wage or barely above..) THEY ARE FORCED OUT and who do you think is going to move in realistically???

Friday, January 06, 2006

things not mentioned in the Bible

The bible does not address itself to every topic-every issue that man has progressed : ( or degressed) technology,ethics ,culturally,scientifically etc But He left in His word for christians general principles( when it doesnt address the issue or topic directly) to be mediated,studied and applied to every topic and issue that will ever come up........

Thursday, January 05, 2006

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A brief outline of reformed Hispanic theology part 1

A reformed Hispanic theology is simply this: the reformed faith filtered by the heart and mind daily,lived out experientially daily,forged mentally daily and seen thru the eyes of a Hispanic daily under the light of scripture truth it must conform to and lived out daily. ( 1cor 10:31, acts 17:11,rev 5:9-10) So far the components of a reformed Hispanic theology I have come up with are these: 1. It's center and anchor fixed only,securely only and shaped, defined and sustained only by Christ and His word: The Bible.

2. Our destination and God given ethnicity and race adding and blending with the other nations worship of God and God alone. (rev 5:9-10,rev 7:9)

3. Culture

4. Sin

5. The fall

6. Image of God

7. men and women role and relationship

8. marriage

9. sex

10. divorce

11. work

12. salvation

13. bible

14. church

15. God

16. trinity

17. jesus

18. evangelism

19. callings

20. last things

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

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abortion 4

Abortion does not stop at murder-but its fruit is harvested for lifetimes to follow nor the effect ia not just on "the mother" but ripples outward till it touches and affects the entire nation as a whole.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I remember reading my cultural anthropology textbook for my college class where it taught that man's religon evolved thru stages from nature spirits to anscestor worship to polythesim to monotheisim (with animal worship thrown in somewhere in the mix) but in light of romans 1:18-32. We should say that man devolved from the historical fall from the God of the bible to gods of their own making. When man rebelled againest God he moved:

spiritually from Him: NATURAL BORN SINNERS
emotionally From Him: loving self and loving other gods.
mentally from Him: his wisdom twisted by sin supplanting: His wisdom
physically from Him walking their own way-hiding fom His holy prescence in man made temples and manmade rituals and worshipping gods whose prescence their sinful selves could stand before and still live......

Monday, January 02, 2006


On Eschatology

I hope in the essentials of the faith such as: sin,the fall,holy scriptures,God,trinity,deity of christ,salvation etc we are are scripturally well grounded in as applied to our hearts and minds by God the father,Son and Holy spirit in their work of redemption and salvation- for in heaven amils,premils,postmils and"panmils" will be there praising God for the salvation and mercy He has graciously bestowed on each of us. (rev 5:9-10)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

on major and minors

1. Majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors to a church means few topics and many words

2. majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors to a christain means stunted uneven growth

3. majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors for a church means a partial feast on God's word

4. majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors mean for a christain a persecuted mentality

5. majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors means for the church means etertainment for the world,sin and devil to enjoy

6. majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors for a christain means less spices to adorn our praise,worship,prayers,witness and faith

7. majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors means for the church a barely audible whimper that the world easily dismisses

8. majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors means for the christain more obstacles to trip on and a incomplete map to follow

9. majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors leaves more room for heresy and legalism to sneak in

10. majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors leaves more areas defenseless for sin to score a direct hit

11. majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors invites false teachers to settle and call it home

12. majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors means uniting around everything but the gospel

13. majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors means more of a vaccum forthe world to get comfortable

14. majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors means more of a party spirit than a christain spiri7

15. majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors lures you away to where the battle is not, from where the battle is the fierceist,from where the battle will be the most costliest for the loser and from where the reinenforcements are needed the most...
sins slogans:

1.let us do evil so good may come out of it

2.lets call evil good and good evil

3.everyone did what was right in their own eyes

4.hath God said?

5.let us sin so grace may abound covers a multitude of sins little sin wont harm anybody

8. God owes me one

9.when they sin nothing happend to them

10. sow some wildoats
willy thought 3

1. sin is the the first marketing firm

2. sin likes to prey on those Christians who like to wander alone

3. Sin gives the sinner a blank check for them to fill in the blank amount

4. The smallest of sins if they were given the power would slay God

5. One of sins accomplishments is to deceive the sinner that they can serve sin and serve God

6. Sin helps the sinner point their finger at everyone but themselves

7. Sinners never love to sin alone

8. Sin soothes and quites the conscience with lies,excuses and half-truths

9. sin is found even in the most holiest christain and the most holiest church on earth

10. sin deforms while grace restores

11. sin preaches a different and tailor made sermon to each person

12. one sin let in lets others in

13. the best definition of sin is foud both in the bible and at the cross

14. self righteousness is the Christian's humpty dumpty to fall into great sin

15. sin's best advertising comes from word of mouth
abortion 3

abortion's "unhumanity" againest the youngest and most defenseless and defiant fist aimed at God-is hidden behind labels such as fetus,women's right,microscopic dot,potential human being,viable life....

abortion instead of promoting life degrades it

abortion is the wisdom of fools

abortion to succeed,find meaning,find justification must exist in a God shaped vaccum

abortion lolls the mind from thinking what if my parents did this to me?

pagans from old testament times if they lived today would feel quite at home worshipping in abortion clinics

abortion goes hand in hand with the survival of the fittest and might makes right