Friday, July 07, 2006

what has sin made of our spiritual bodies

Here are brief thoughts on the spiritual anatomy of all mankind past,present and future(including myself):

Stomachs: would rather hunger,digest like the prodigal son the garbage(wallow like pigs in filth) sin makes of the good things God created for man to enjoy and use to Glorify God as tthey lived out their faith in this world.

Knees: would rather bend and worship the idols sin bewitches us with rather than bend and worship our sovereign God.

backbone; rather depend drawing strength and courage on the world's might than God and all who He is and His word.

Eyes: blinded by the fleeting enticing mirages of sin.

Ears: deaf to God's words of hope and life.

Nose and Lungs: able and willing to breathe the foul pollution of sin and unable to breathe the healthy clean air of heaven.

Heart: provides the factory where the materials sin has harvested and grown in the mind is forged and asembled to produce its products.

Mind: the planning board where sin directs the seeds of the imagination and thoughts to be borne,planted and nurtured.

Mouth and Tongue: willing and able to savour the intimate kisses of sin and to spread its poison to others.

Arms: raised always as a clutched fist of defiance againest God and always ready to lovingly embrace sin.

Feet: always walking towards sin and away from God.

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