Monday, July 10, 2006

united parcel service and theology

Recently my wife ordered a replacement cell phone from her cell phone company who shipped it ups. Well,the intercom in our building is broken and has been broken for many months(thats another story) so i know the regular time ups comes to our building so i waited in the lobby the FIRST DAY i tracked the package on our home computer which gave us the delivery date. So wheelchair and all i waited in front of the building with the broken intercom right next to me where the ups man would come and press to be buzzed in. The ups man passed the building with no packages at the usual time. Iwent back upstairs said maybe they will come back in the afternoon which sometimes they did. Yet or some reason i said let me check ups online and SURE ENOUGH it read attepted first delivery logged in at 11 am---I was fuming i was there and well beyond the delivery time he had lied in his log. My wife called ups customer service to complain--this is where the lies from ups snowballed: ten hours later the first log was "coincedently" by a second log at 12 midnight which read address incorrect ups will look for correct address and my wife's complaint was logged in as a customer requesting new shipping address. SO THE SECOND DAY it was cool and rainy so i waited in the lobby with the broken intercom right in front of me in perfect view(ups tracking said it will be delivered that day)and once again i see the ups man pass the building empty handed and i said to myself no he wouldnt?--YES HE DID! WHEN I got home and unto my computer it was logged deceitfully again as attempted first delivery at 10:56 am. I called my wife pleaded with her to cancel the delivery and reorder it again and this time have it delivered by fedex. she did not and complained and once again shameful lies contuined her complaint was again logged in as customer requesting shipping address and once again at night it was logged in as wrong address again from second delivery attempt would be on....well to bring this horror story to an end my wife had to go to the ups depot to pick it up herself........

well what does it teach us besides: truthfullness,responsibility,honesty,going the extra mile(for example by this tim he should know the intercom has been broken for a year and say to himself gee let me go upstairs and double check to make sure nobody is actually home) and bad customer service=losing customers?

well to the christain it means:

1. we dishonor God by not putting our faith into action outside the church.

2. we try to cover up our mistakes and sins with one lie we start a dominoe reaction because then we need to utter another lie to coverup that lie so on and so forth.

3. God will call us out and be responsible for our sins and lies directly or indirecly like the prophet nathan and king david.

4. we are to do all for the glory of God 1cor 10:31

5. we can lie and coverup our sins or help others to do so but God sees. (psa 139)

6. we can give false info and wrap it up in the guise of truth to make it us look good or diffuse the situation But God is truth...

7. we are to love our neighbor as yourself.

8. we can possibly play with justice here but God is justice.

9. we become stumbling blocks for others.

10. one bad apple ruins the apples that are good.

some verses on work for futher study:

eph 6:5-8 col 3:22-25 prov 6:6-11

2tim 2:6 col 3:7 1 cor 7:17

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