Tuesday, July 18, 2006

universal church and the bible

Here is a quick thought about the church and the bible:

The church did never create or give authority to the Bible. BUT the Bible Christ used to create ,gather and give the church its authority.

The church recognized the Bible as God's final word to man and did not add(or subtract because certain inspired books crippled or curtailed their power)to His final word then and today. Rather the church added those books and writings that pointed to christ(written by a apostle,written by someone close to a apostle or was in harmony with their inspired teaching)from those that pointed away from Christ and rather served,glorified,promoted the self deification of man his sins,speculations and rebellion againest God.

The church did not create the Bible for power,control,wealth and enslavement But the church recognized by Holy Spirit's guidance the word of God from the counterfeit words of man.

And rather when the church does seek power,wealth,fame and peddles man's word and superstitiopns wrapped in a thin facade of God's word-that is a red flag that the church has wandered away from God's word usurped,plundered ,overthrew and stole it from our rightful king:Jesus Christ and His royal law: the bible.

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