Wednesday, July 05, 2006

three of hearts

i was channel surfing and found a commercial on bravo for Three of hearts: a postmodern family> In this documentary a woman is married to 2 men one legally and the other spiritually.I just shook my head and said to myself: this show should be subtitled : 3 sinners living in sin and in need of saving and amazing grace that transformed sinners like me,my fellow christains and notable christains from the past like: paul,john newton etc it is just another attack on the God ordained instituion of husband,wife and children to destroy the family unit God ordained to cement society. And i looked into my heart and saw sin's definition:

sin makes attractive,desirable,palpable,acceptable,modern,good,fullfilling,liberating,victimless,harmless,God honoring,God pleasing,sweet,rational,invigorating,healthy,enlightening,true,respectful,lifegiving,minor,spiritual,enriching,spice,investment,guilt free,sowing one's oats,just one sin,creative/innovative,uncurable,self rightous,no consequences ......

God in His word and Sovereignty reveals sin for what it truly is behind its mask: hidous,undesirable,poisonous,nausating,unacceptable,nothing new,degrading,guilt building and nurturing,lies,insatiable,harmful,degressing,numbing,enslaving,man pleasing,God dishonoring,rebellios,disobedience,major,unspiritual,foolishness,shameful,it makes victims of others in your life,abnormal,unacceptable,sickness,evil,MURDERING,ADULTEROUS,stack of dominoes one falls on the next so on and so forth,filthy rags,bubilically curagle,decaying,rotting,repercussions,stinking etc

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