Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A East Harlem/Washington Heights safari

As I see the tourist buses drive thru east harlem and now washington heights-i wonder as the tourists take their pictures and point at excitement both objects and perhaps people...they make me feel as if they are on a safari in the shrinking native haitat of puerto ricans,african americans and other poor minorities....And instead of encroaching civilisation ripping up the land for their use-it is the creeping greedy corporations of one or many, uncle tom politicians...and instead of bullets and traps designed for mass killing- it is sky rocketing high rents,apts formerly just apts now called luxury apts,coops and condos raised instead of or replacing once affordable housing ,chic stores and speciality stores who are in the community but not of the community and the legal trap of choice for mass killing (besides denying basic services to drive the natives out)of a neighborhood: Emmenint Domain.... And Finally I wonder do these tourists sees us through God's eyes or the eyes of charles darwin???

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