Friday, September 21, 2007

sins banquet table

Starving sin on our own strength,wisdom and efforts is prone to fail everytime-for sin is preparing its menu,its banquet table in our hearts,lives and minds and is waiting asvp for our invitation,our reservation-when we realize we can not do it by our own efforts and out of pride,indifference,ignorance,idolatry...refuse to turn to the only person who can help us: Jesus Christ our lord,savior,prophet,priest and king.

our Lord;king to defend us from sins tryanny and might

our Lord and king: to lead us in battle with sin and lead us to His heavenly kingdom

our savior who died for our sins-whose blood alone can overcome sins wall between us and God

our savior whose blood cleans our filthy rags and gives in turn princely clothes

our priest who prays,interceeds for us when sin seeks to devour us

our priest who bandages our wounds with His blood and grace that sin creates when it attacks daily

our prophet who teaches us the way across the traps sin places in our lives

our prophet who teaches us to love Our God and love our neighbor

Christ our sole guarentee of eternal victory...

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