Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dog the bounty hunter and the gospel

In a rerun of dog the bounty hunter-in it after chasing a fugitive who went to church and was active in it-he commented in sharing the gospel or the way as he calls it-other fugitives do not know the way but this fugitive knows the way-so he has a better chance to change his life.

I love the dog but you cannot assume this....

Did the church the fugitive went to:

taught him to put his faith on Christ or his works:

answering a altar call

baptized as a infant

participation in church activities??? etc

brought him to the foot of Christ of the bible or to the foot of man's imagination of christ

brought him to the gospel in the pages of the Bible or the gospel according to the world?

in evangelism/witnessing you do not assume but share the true gospel as if they never ever heard it before--maybe they havent........

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