Sunday, July 29, 2007

Missing little girl!!!!

I am trying to pace myself and i will post on july 31st definetly-but i needed to post this immediately:

Hi everyone:Please look at the picture of the missing 3 year old child jewel carefully and forward to everyone you know!Thanks,

This is really sad that the family of this young girl has to do this, but"others" can get the attention of mass media. Please pass this along andsay a pray for the Strong Family.PLEASE HELP US BY FORWARDING THIS EMAIL UNTIL THIS REACHES A WORLD-WIDEAUDIENCE AND JEWEL IS RETURNED HOME SAFELYRacharel Strong (father) - 404-357-1881Simona Strong (mother) - 404-313-4255Tiesa Locklear (aunt) - 678-234-4902Tramesa Locklear (aunt) 678-480-1635Ursala Williams (aunt) 678-362-5246GOD FIRST, PEOPLE ALWAYS .....

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