Friday, December 15, 2006

single christain women looking for their superman in christ

I remember my life was going the route of the charecter from the movie 40 year virgin(i was happily married when i was 35)and single christain women were no help...they said they wanted a christain young man yet by their actions they choose non christains and looks. me and my fellow christain brothers suffered alot and it got worse when joshua harris came out with i kissed dating good bye it confused singles further. Iroinically non christain women were attracted to us and throwing themselves at our feet--and i was tempted for the most part i obeyed God but that does not mean He did not have to step in a couple of times to bring back this prodigal son. so hereare some words of advice:

for christain single women seek your superman in christ whose power and life is rooted in God's word and their power is drawn from their saving faith in christ as lord,teacher and priest and look beyond their "ugly nerdy eyeglasses" and you will see this "clark kent" is God's best for you!

for christain young men hang in there i know firsthand how lonely,sad,frustating and painful but God is on your side. He alone(not you) knows what is truly best for you..and if He sees that a women is best for you-againest all possible odds againest you-He will open the fickle hearts of a christain louis lane and help her to see beyond your " nerdy clark kent glasses" to see that your are her superman in christ.

for both: SEEK Christ and countuine to build yourselves in the faith ,discover and cultivate your God given talent(s)and prepare yourselves acadamically and career wise.

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