Wednesday, December 13, 2006

christmas and us

This thought came to mind during the hustle and bustle and insanity during christmas the shopping,cooking,expectations etc that we forget the meanig the source the fountain of this holiday: Jesus Christ. Sure we do not know when he was exactly was born nor does the bible command us or sanction us to celebrate this holiday....But this holiday should remind us that Jesus GOD came down to us becoming a human like us paying the ultimate price:(THE price He alone could fully and eternally pay)His life-to give us sinners,to free us sinners from the chains/reins sin has us bound since birth to recoucile us-to reunite us with Our Holy God who we rebel againest daily in small things as well as the "big things". Rather following sin away from God to a eternity without Him in hell suffering the just punishments for our sins. So let us draw cling to Christ as God's ultimate gift to us.....

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