Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tim Keller rocks!!!

Tim Keller is not only a solidly biblical preacher-he has a truly biblical vision for the city. I remember visiting mega churches and feeling uncomfortable because one of the main reason i have heard for mega churches are not biblical like:

- it gives us more economic,political and social clout yet in light of scriptures: zec 4:6

and within a megachurch setting it is possible:

1. to go to church and fellowship with no one and have no accoutability to no one.

2. not go to the church service at all and just hang out in the lobby gossiping and joking around.

3. In order to mantain is megachurch status it has to use man centered methods with just enough bible to attract,maintain the "money train" 2 tim 4:1-4

4. It promotes a unbiblical view of church growth meaning hey we are growing in numbers so God must be happy with us. forgetting God is the one who adds not the show: matt 16:18-19 1 cor 1:21 john 6:44. That jesus could've had a mega church meeting the supposedly expectant needs of His followers and when He did not compromise or conform His "megachurch" began leaving Him: john 6:60-71

5. we are called to be the salt of the earth not just salt the suburbs and certain part of the city but both the city and the suburbs. In other words The whole society is sick you don't apply the medicine in one isolated area when the whole area needs it to regain good health.

So tim keller could've had a megachurch but choose to honor God and led redeemer to concieve and be mother to churches all around the city. currently(unlike other solidly biblical churches)He is organizing a church plant in nyc specifically to reach out to the neglected minorities here.(even if it hits a snag or obstacle he has a better track record with minorities than all the other solidly reformed churches combined). Please pray for this endeavor and if does get off the ground that God will use me, my wife and my son to bring the shalom to our community with the talents and experiences he has loaned us...

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