Saturday, March 25, 2006

where's the love?

it is sad when christains act in a unloving reasonable matter and when unbelivers are more "christain" in their demeanors and actions-here regrettably is a perfect example: click on link which is found at:

under the march 24,2006 heading: the saddest thing you may ever see a christain do and also read the comments.

Reflecting on what i saw we christains have acted(i have)or have the potential to act like her in any circumstance we may find ourselves in. We can be the sweet aroma to draw us christains together and also draw the unsaved and lost to Christ or we can act like this and be the foul smelly stinking rotting odor that draws christains away from each other and the lost away from Christ and become a source of ridicle,mockery,contempt and barriers to the lost. May we take our daily need of Christ's grace as we try to live out our faith in this world.

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