Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pet peeves 2

1. When one pastor preaches against the sins of gambling in particular lotto-then when his wife wins a million dollars from lotto-all you hear is the croaking of coquis(frogs that only live in Puerto Rico)

2. When the American reformed church reads the bible through white eyes and ignores the contributions and gifts God has blessed the minorities as well.

3. when the american reformed church frowns on minority worship and says it is unbiblical.

4. when the american reformed church plants churches in urban neighborhoods that are upcoming and ignore the poor urban neighborhoods and guess who live there?poor and working class minorities!

5. when the american reformed churches says that hispanics are not attracted to reformed faith and reformed churches because they are academic. playing consciously or sub-consciously to the racial sterotype that hispanics think with their hearts-are overly emotional.

6. when the church entertains more than teach and preach.

7. when the church demands seminary education for its pastors unofficially or offically ignoring the fianicial obstacle or burden it creates which ripples still long after graduation on the candiadate who is poor.

8. when the church sees seminary education which is a blessing as a vaccine againest the aids of the false gospel which clearly it is not.

9. when the pulpit preaches nothing but political and social commentary divorced from the gospel.

10. when the church hangs out with the world like a nerdy kid seeking appproval and acceptance from the in-crowd.

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