Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Blogging for God

this Sunday I was reflecting on Christians who blog on the Internet. It is a great responsibility and these are some of the points to reflect:

1. when we look at our blog-let us look at it in humility It Is only Thru Christ that any works of our hands are acceptable and pleasing to God-(everything we may do is tainted by sin.) If people come to Christ thru our blogging let us remember it is the Holy Spirit taking whatever crumbs of the gospel WE have placed there.Also Let us not look at fellow bloggers like we are hall of famers and they are minor leaguers.

2. Our Blogs can glorify and praise God by reclaiming those aspects of the web we can redeem biblically.

3. Our blogs need not be sanitized with Christianize rather let our minds and hearts sanctified by Christ using our everyday actions and speech and character compose our posts.

4. In posting let the Bible and principles we can deduce from it be our sole guide in the words we use,what topics we discuss and pictures we use to illustrate.

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