Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Love your neighbor

Recent days I see the biblical wisdom of love your neighbor as yourself verse. I have been temporarily wheelchairbound and now till I get special shoes I am wearing heavy metal foot brace-that makes me walk like a night of living dead zombie. Honestly even then I would hold doors and help my neighbors in the limited way I can. And WOW some of my neighbors have shown me no courtesy,mercy or compassion--they see me struggling and they look the other way....This what God's wise counsel has shown me:

1. It is our God given responsibility we have to be a Christ to our neighbor...

2. And the good we do to them will either bring them blessing or heap further God's judgment on them.... And

3. We if we deny helping our neighbors may one day God forbid find ourselves in a situation were we need the same mercy,love,compassion,respect and courtesy our hard hearts denied them!!!

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