Wednesday, May 24, 2006

rememberances of joshua harris and i kissed dating good bye

i remember today harris book i kissed dating good bye this morning how:

1. some good points( parental oversight, responsibility,power of sin and lust,job preparation
and no sex before marriage etc.

2. how it caused confusion in my youth group.

3. how i reacted when he acted as my adam in advocating no kissing because it promotes lust-and i said who is he to speak for me? as if he knew me? if he cant handle it God bless him but I am different(me and my wife kissed and never till we were married did it lead to sex) reminded me of verses talking about legalism of manmade doctrines touch not taste not....

4. how it grew from courtship to betrothed

5. how it created 2 classes of christains: the spiritual and the worldly who dated...

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